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Phillies fan chugs beer through his shirt during Brewers series.

by Jon Henseler

I'm not sure what to say here other than that I've watched this gif for about 6 consecutive minutes and I laugh at it every single time. I have no rational explanation as why this is funny but it just is. It's like a big foam hat. Random guy just rocking the Top Gun aviators and Pearl Jam retro shirt and housing a beer through it. Hell the only thing missing here is Danger Zone playing in the background. But this dude has not only taken over the internet, he validated my watching three meaningless games in May between two teams going nowhere fast. Just goes to show you that no matter what's going on in the standings, you could always see something you've never seen at a baseball game. Sometimes it's an unassisted triple play, sometimes it's a cycle or no hitter, and sometimes it's a bro drinking a barley pop through his shirt. If this isn't the new planking it is a flat out shame.

PS: I have so many questions for this guy too, like was this planned? Did it just come to you in the moment? Did you practice in front of a mirror so it didn't look like rookie ball when you finally busted it out? 

Double PS: I like to think of gifs as modern day hieroglyphics. Like thousands of years from now people will look at this the way we look at drawings on cave walls and try to interpret it.

Triple PS: How about a series win! Only 13 straight more and we're back to .500!