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Polish Coffin Company in Hot Water for their 'Sexy' Coffin Calendar

by Jon Henseler

Alright so I didn't surprise all of our readers (17's served) with something that could be potentially NSFW* so here's  the link to the entire article from the New York Daily News. Basically there's a coffin company in Poland that has put out a calendar with nude models posing with their coffin selection. Now if I gave you one guess as to which group of people is most upset about this, what would your guess be? (in Family Feud Dawson throat) SHOW ME CATHOLICS! DING! Gotta give it to us Catholics, nobody and I mean NOBODY has been consistently upset about things like this since the dawn of time. So anyway I guess you can buy one of these calendars for $50 and the proceeds go to charity. I think my favorite part of the article though is when the owner is discussing the fact that his son came up with concept. No kidding pop! You asked your teenage son what he thought would be a good marketing tactic to sling more coffins and he came up with naked girls?! I think every idea I had from ages 11-present has involved that as it's central theme. And the best part is I guess this is working for them as a company. Doesn't take Don Draper to figure out that sex sells pretty much everything since pretty much forever.

*If you actually see 'NSFW' and bail that's all I need to know about you as a person. Live a life.

PS: Sidenote; I don't get the whole coffin thing at all. Like do you know how much it costs to put on a funeral with a service, coffin, burial blah blah blah? Thousands of dollars. Just put my in a Folgers can Big Lebowski style and say 'goodnight sweet prince.' Maybe have Frank the Tank sing 'Dust in the Wind.' And have Chaz Reinhold pick up a few chicks at my funeral too. 

Double PS: Yes my ideal funeral involves two fictional characters played by Will Ferrell.