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Prancercise lady is making major music videos now.

by Jon Henseler

To quote Don King, Only In America! I'm not sure who has been following the progress of this Prancercise lady but it has been mesmerizing to say the least. She burst onto the scene with her video about three weeks ago and now she's in a John Mayer music video? And, yes, I think that she thinks that Prancercise is a real thing*. Go to Amazon and you'll she there's even a book she authored on it. Now there are people making videos of themselves Prancercising like it's the Harlem Shake and she's becoming an internet millionaire! Unless this really is all a hoax, in which case she is either the smartest person alive, the best actor alive, or both. I feel like I'm in Inception. Is the top still spinning?!

*I know we come off as snarky on this blog but if I'm being honest I wish I could like anything and care as little about what people think as this woman. Prance on Joanna.

PS: Here's the original video, can't remember if we posted it or not but be sure to tell your friends within the the next 4 days or you'll be old news in internet time. Amazing how that works too. I had a buddy talk to me about planking the other day. Friekin' PLANKING. My man, that was like 7 months ago. It's in the antique section of Youtube. Try to keep up.

Double PS: You know who this woman reminds me of? The Sit and Be Fit lady. Best workout on the planet.