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Real life T1000 cop chases down a dude from behind.

by Jon Henseler

Well folks I think I've found the next linebacker for the Green Bay Packer Football Club. Absolute BEAST mode by this cop. Dude wasn't even on the screen until the 10 second mark and then ran a 3.5 40 to track down this bro from behind. And the guy who got caught has to be beside himself that he ran into the one cop who runs like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl. Looked like he had nothing but daylight until T1000 entered the picture. In all the footage I used to watch of Cops (on at 4pm ) back in the day I've never seen speed like that. And I'm like the Ron Jaworski of Cops. I watched 34 hours of film yesterday alone and haven't seen anything like that. This cop is once in a lifetime fast. Reminds me of footage we used to see of Lebron in 2002 playing high school ball on ESPN. You just knew you were looking at something different. Same deal here.

PS: You know what this reminded me of? Don Beebe running down Leon Lett in the Super Bowl. What an iconic image that was. Like the Bills lost that Super Bowl by 1,000 points and if you ask anyone what they remember it was THAT play. Hell maybe that cop is Don Beebe. Dude's been retired from football for a decade and a half. Looks like I'm going to have to do some NSA work on Beebe's whereabouts since. To my study (upstairs bathroom)!