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Reddit user 'leaking' WWE storylines actually makes an NPR news story.

by Jon Henseler

"No, what's weird about Dolphins1925's perfect slate is that he made his picks for the next pay-per-view, and the next, all the way down to last night's Money in the Bank event, and he's been completely right, every single time. He's 38 for 38 in predicting the results of matches. He's not just some fan guessing. He knows WWE's plans." 

So in case you don't live the life of a 14 year old boy, this WWF* story about a 'storyline leaker' is actually getting national attention. Like MSNBC, Fox News and NPR are treating this like it's NSA-Edward Snowden type stuff. And all I can think of is Vince McMahon laughing all the way to the bank. I mean MSNBC and Fox News I can see maybe, I think I'm only a notch below them in terms of journalistic integrity, but NPR? Really? Vinnie Mac strikes again! Because anyone who thinks that this Dolphins1925 character is actually getting information from the WWE that they don't know about is probably also the type of person that clicks 'accept' when a hot girl with no mutual friends adds you on Facebook out of nowhere. Not that I know anyone like that. My friend did it once. What a sucker.

In any case this is obviously just a build up for the next PPV. In fact they're already marketing it that way! In their statement they say 'we might have to monitor these posts in advance of our next pay-per-view to see how good he or she really is.' Bwhahahaha! It wouldn't shock me one bit if the predictions of Dolphins1925 for the upcoming PPV are released on Raw the Monday before. Everybody will buy the PPV and then they'll change the results of the championship match and expose Dolphins1925 as Shane McMahon or Paul Bearer coming back from the dead or the Spanish announcers getting revenge for their tables getting throttled every event. Day 1 stuff.

*I think the only time Vince has disappointed me is how he just got rolled over by the WWF and forced him to change the name to WWE. It's so unlike him that I feel like it's also a plotline. Like in 2 years Vince will wrestle a panda bear for the the rights to get the WWF name back.