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Reporter Bobby Ramos hijacked the NBA Finals with his post game questions last night.

by Jon Henseler

Bobby Ramos! YES! YES! YES! Alright admittedly I've watched more Orange is the New Black this week than the NBA Finals, but I stumbled upon a few clips of last night's post game presser and to say it was the highlight of the night is putting it lightly. Bobby Ramos and his questions to Spolestra, Lebron and Wade were some of the most ridiculous and awesome things I've ever heard. Like these are the types of questions that REAL fans of a game want to ask afterwards. No cookie cutter 'things didn't go your way tonight how important is it to forget this and get ready for game 4' questions. Nope. Not on Bobby Ramos' watch. He's bringing things like (paraphrasing) 'You guys were bad why were you so bad?' Classic! I honestly can't tell if he's for real or not but if he is he needs to be the only guy in the room asking questions after Game 4. Because if I'm a Heat fan these are EXACTLY the type of questions I have when you lose on the biggest stage, at home, by 19 points. Part of me thinks Ramos might be a Jimmy Kimmel plant* but I hope not. He's the hero the NBA deserves AND needs.

*It's amazing how with a few cat-fished viral videos Kimmel has the whole internet questioning itself anytime something explodes online. I have a hypothesis that Kimmel actually runs the whole internet from Al Gore's basement but it's probably a little too deep to get into right now. Plus it's unfinished and I'm out of focus beans (Adderall). Maybe after my next shipment I'll pound that out and wrap up my latest X Files fan fiction piece (Mulder and Scully time travel and find out that Smoking Man is actually an old version of Nicolas Cage. They find out his plans to steal the Declaration of Independence from the aliens who actually wrote it in 1776. They also convince him to never make Ghost Rider).

PS: How about Ramos exploding so much that his website actually shut down:

Apparently he is the founder of 'Bottom Line' and hosts a two hour sports talk once a week in Connecticut? I mean if this guy got a credential I think I owe it to myself to see if Strange Brew can secure an NBA Finals credential for Game 4. Time to take my talent s to South Beach!