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Rodgers Watch: Day 31

by Jon Henseler

(Rodgers watch! The mood is tense, I have been on some serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this...)

So yesterday during his fireside chat on ESPN Milwaukee Aaron Rodgers shed more light on the collarbone injury and to say it wasn't encouraging doesn't do it justice. He kind of sounded like I do when my corporate office (parent's house) calls me asking what the status is on the repayment of my 0% interest loans and wondering who eats an entire box of Honey Nut Cherrios in one sitting. Some questions there just aren't answers for you know? But essentially Rodgers admitted that he was dealing with a lot more pain than expected and he 'wasn't even close' to playing last week. Bummer city. Doesn't sound like a lot of optimism when it comes to playing against Dallas this week does it? 

Now I'll be the last one to point the finger at anyone else for pain tolerance. I've done several stints on the blogging DL for various ailments over the past few seasons. One time I suffered a 2nd degree paper cut on my left ring finger. Another time I had tendinitis on my right index finger. My mouse clicking finger! And yet another time I sat out two days because I drank orange juice too quickly after I brushed my teeth that morning. So I understand what A-Rod is going through. If you can't go, you can't go. That being said, if he gets medically cleared today or tomorrow, they have to figure out some way to get him on the field. I don't care if they have to drug him and graft adamantium on his bones like Wolverine. I don't think it's out of the realm for us to beat the Cowboys with Matt Flynn, hell Josh McCown just tuned them up for 5 TD's, but I think like most Packer fans, I believed that if we got through Atlanta we'd get our MVP back. Again, if he doesn't have medical clearance, not much you can do. But if he gets cleared he has to be on the field.

PS: Huge topic on sports radio yesterday was 'would Favre have played with the pain.' Kind of an unfair question because, again, Rodgers hasn't been medically cleared. If he gets cleared and sits out with pain, then it's more of a conversation. Plus you're comparing apples to oranges in terms of time period. With the way injuries and concussions are handled today there's a 0% chance Favre would have had 'the streak' if he were in his prime now.

Double PS: ^coherent discourse.