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Rory McIlroy continues to kill it, slams his glass of champagne after racking up his 4th Major.

by Jon Henseler

'No mas!' -Planet Earth

So yesterday Rory McIlroy's Summer of George continued by locking down his 2nd straight Major Championship and 4th overall. Haven't seen this type of dominance this early in a career since Tiger from '99-'01. Wouldn't shock me if you can faintly hear the Mario Star Power song on behind him wherever he goes. And to top it all off he hammers the traditional toasting of champagne following his PGA Championship win yesterday. Honest to God if you gave me the option to live anyone else's life for a day right now it might well be Rory. In the battle between Life and Rory this is a stop the fight situation. And the wild thing is he's been sort of the bizarro world Tiger for the last year. Tiger won 14 Majors, got married, got busted for cheating and hasn't even come close to getting another since. Rory was on the verge of getting married, called it off, has been linked to supermodels left and right and has won 2 Majors in 4 weeks. Only downer here was that his dad didn't make a bet 10 years ago that he would win 2 PGA Championships before he turned 26.

PS: Gun to your head if you had to place a bet with your life savings which would you choose: Rory wins 5 more Majors in the next 5 years or Tiger wins 1.

Double PS: How about Phil yesterday finishing 2nd in a Major again. That's the NINTH time that's happened. Really think about that. He's won 5 Majors and has finished 2nd in 9 others. As it stands he's a HOF-er but if he wins even half of those he's on the Mount Rushmore of golf. Absurd.

Triple PS: Didn't see this until a few minutes ago, oh the top of one of the 4 most prestigous trophies in golf is about to fall off? No worries I'll just catch it on the fly and continue to assert my dominance on the world. Jiminy Cricket is he on a hot streak.