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Russian pizza delivery guy caught 'skimming' some toppings in an elevator.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, can I just say that the Digiorno Pizza ad at the beginning of this video is either a happy coincidence or some next-level Don Draper style marketing. To place an ad for frozen pizza before a video where a pizza delivery guy is knuckle deep in someone's pie is an absolute home run.

Now with that being said, it's videos like this that remind me of why I am, A) A big tipper, and B) Staunchly against knowing what happens between when I order my food and when it's on my plate. Maybe I've just seen the movie 'Waiting' too much but the less I know about how my pizza got from the pizza place to my fat gut, the better. And tipping to me is basically hedging my bets. Whether it be with drinks, food, or whatever, I'm a huge (just the) tipper. 20-25% minimum. Again, I know it's not fail-proof, but I just feel like the guy who tipped $5 on a $10 bill is less likely to have someone Tyler Durden his clam chowder. 

Also, if this was just a messed up order that had an extra ingredient on it that someone didn't want, then this pizza guy is going above and beyond the call of duty. 

PS: Is it just me or is everything taped in Russia? Elevator cams, dashboard cams, it's George Orwell's wet dream over there. Like I think the whole country is actually filming the Truman Show. I picture Ed Harris and Putin with berets on watching the whole country 24/7. Run to the horizon pizza guy! 

Double PS: This guy better hope Jon Taffer never starts a 'Pizza Rescue' in Russia. SHUT IT DOWN!