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Ryan Braun PEDS blah blah Biogenesis yada yada

by Jon Henseler

Ha! Nice try Selig! Ever heard of a little thing called double jeopardy? That's what I thought. Case. Closed. 

In all seriousness to say I'm not shocked by yesterday's news would be an understatement. It's been pretty clear from the moment that Braun won his appeal of the 50 game suspension last February that ESPN and MLB have been out to get him. Now does that mean he didn't take PED's? Absolutely not. But to call this anything less than a witch hunt is laughable. 

That being said if you listen to Braun's statement yesterday he didn't sound too concerned*. He claims he contacted BioGenesis in order to help with his acquittal and Tony Bosch corroborated that story earlier this year. Now could that all change when he gives testimony? Sure. The guy is trying to avoid federal charges and potential jail time in federal pound me in the a$$ prison. And I'd be lying if I said the thought that MLB is getting their Ted DiBiase 'everyone's gotta price' on and paying him to testify hadn't crossed my mind. But the bottom line is there is a LOT of legal red tape to go through before any real rulings come down. Not to mention even if Bosch testifies against Braun, A-Rod, etc. and throws them under the bus, there is an appeal process that I'm sure every player would take. During which I'm sure Tony Bosch's character would come into question. Guy looks about as trustworthy as General Palpatine did before he went full Sith lord (NEVER go full Sith). So yeah, I've consulted my Strange Brew legal team (VHS tapes of A Time to Kill and A Few Good Men) and have come to the conclusion that Brewer nation should remain calm, all is well!

*Honestly between his press conference at spring training last year and last night, Braun is either being honest or the best liar of all time. I'm talking George Costanza Marine Biologist stuff.

PS: Gotta love MLB for going straight for the 100 game suspension even though Braun was never 'officially' convicted on a first time offense, which strictly states is a 50 game suspension. I guess they're saying he'd get 50 for using and then 50 for lying about it? Ummmmm what? You can just suspend a professional baseball player 50 games for lying? I gotta say, I almost respect that move. Almost feels like David Stern's fingerprints.

Double PS: Yo Bud, pay attention: