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Ryan Braun standing ovation from Opening Day.

by Jon Henseler

So for those that weren't in attendance yesterday, or weren't near a TV, or haven't already seen this on 71 other sites, here ya go! Strange Brew: If you've seen it here you've seen it already. But this was the reaction that Braunie got in his first at bat yesterday. Now there are two distinct camps of Brewer fans reacting to this. The camp that says 'he made a mistake, he lied, he got caught, served his time, glass houses, America.' And the camp that says 'can't believe we would cheer for a guy who lied, a guy who got an ordinary dude fired, glass houses, America.' I guess there's also the camp that says 'who cares there are actual problems in the world to worry about blah blah blah' but I'm not overly concerned about them because my guess is none of them read this blog. Probably sipping expensive coffees and reading the Wall Street Journal while twirling their mustaches*.

Now if we're being honest I think I fell somewhere in-between the two camps yesterday. Not overly enthusiastic Brendan Fraser type clapping but not sitting stone-faced like a male version of Daria. I gave him a gentlemen's golf clap and was ready to move on. Because at the end of the day we probably look a little ridiculous losing our minds over a guy who openly lied to each and every one of us. But at the same time a rational Brewer fan understands our wagon is hitched to him for the next decade and for better or worse we have no hope of a World Series if he doesn't get back to hitting the way he has his whole career. So I suppose I'm definitely 'over' it, but at the same time he's probably off of my man crush list for the foreseeable future. Which in all honesty is fine. That list needed trimming anyway. I don't know what the official number is where people start to wonder but going on guy instinct my guess is that if you need a third hand to count it's not good. Cue the Elaine 'you know just admitting a man is handsome doesn't necessarily make you a homosexual.' 'It doesn't help.'

*Apparently my vision of informed people is hipster doofus meets Snidley Whiplash .

PS: All in all a pretty tame Opening Day for those that went. Kind of just felt like a regular season weekend game in August or something. Normally there's at least a few thousand people white-girl-wasted losing their minds and puking everywhere. Folks getting arrested left and right. I think one year we started forming tribes like Lord of the Flies. Actually those Zombie Apocolypse survival guides could apply to Opening Day as well. But for whatever reason this year was pretty relaxed. I only saw one guy getting carried out by the police and he wasn't even struggling. Dude looked as serene as could be. And the police looked pretty chill too. Like they were carrying groceries from their car to the house.

Double PS: Hank the Dog absolutely trumped Braun's reaction though. People that little mut. My only gripe was they didn't hold him up Simba-style. Everything the light touches Hank.