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Ryan Braun's first at bat back went okay.

by Jon Henseler

Obviously the biggest storyline this offseason outside of Hank the Dog becoming the most famous sports canine since Air Bud is whether or not Ryan Braun will be able to duplicate his typical career numbers coming back from his 65 game suspension. So after the long layoff and all the questions since camp opened what does Braunie do? Oh nothing just hit a shot to the moon 2 pitches into his first at bat. No biggie. All that was missing was a Ricky Bobby-esque 'THAT JUST HAPPENED !' as he was rounding the bases. 

Now I, like many, choose to live in a world where Braun only used for that two month stretch to recover from an injury in 2011. I admit fully that it is a world full of delusion and devoid of facts or empirical evidence. There's also a lot of cake. But beyond that at the VERY least I choose to believe that, at minimum, Braun was clean in 2012 and he put up numbers better in almost every category when compared to his 'MVP' season. 

So with that said I expect this to be the beginning of a prototypical Braun year. And I've always thought that's all he needs to do to win Brewers fans back. You can answer questions or plead the 5th all day every day, but if you go out and hit .315 with 30 homers and 120 RBI and have clean piss all year, that will do more than all that other stuff. Couple of glamour shots with Hank wouldn't hurt either. And yeah, he's gonna get Princess Bride boo-ed at every away game but so what. Hopefully that just fuels his hate fire and leads to an even bigger year.

PS: Listened to the beginning part of the game yesterday, is it possible for something to sounds warm? Because I think I heard warm yesterday. 

Double PS: Braun absolutely needs one of those Beats by Dre commercials for road games. Juicer! Cheater! Liar! (puts on ridiculously expensive headphones with 4,000% profit margin) I'm the man I'm the man I'm the maaaaaan.