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Sad Kacey Musgraves is Sad.

by Jon Henseler

I don't know why but I found this hilarious at the CMA's last night. Female Vocalist of the year, Miranda wins, cut to Taylor swift smiling/applauding/dancing like a wounded deer, cut to Kelly Clarkson smiling and clapping, cut to Carrie Underwood looking hot, cut to Kacey Musgraves looking like she's watching a puppy get murdered. Lolz am I right?! I dunno if we're being honest a part of me kind of digs this attitude. Like yeah, she wanted to win, and she didn't and she's pissed. I can understand that. But I guess at the end of the day the polite thing to do is smile for 10 seconds until the camera is off of you and try not to look like Eyor at the library reading Don't Kill Myself books . Didn't Faith Hill teach you anything?

Or at the very least just pull a Zoolander and accept the prize despite losing.