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Samuel L Jackson does a Slam Poem in ode to Boy Meets World and it is spectacular.

by Jon Henseler

I have to admit, I didn't know Laurence Fishburne was a Boy Meets World fan, but this just proves that it was the greatest show of the 90's/ever. Absolutely killer slam poem that basically encompassed every major moment on the show in 3 minutes. And you better believe I'm going to be locked and loaded for Girl Meets World when it debuts this year. Just so long as they don't make the daughter the focus of the show. Couldn't care less about that chick's problems. I want to see Corey and Topanga living happily ever after with Corey and Shawn getting involved in all kinds of appropriate for family TV hi-jinks. Throw in an episode here and there of Shawn self loathing because he grew up in a trailer park and a dash of Mr. Feeney doling out sage advice while consistently being apart of everyone's lives to a borderline creepy degree and we should be set for a 90's nostalgia ratings bonanza.

PS: Ask anyone I know, no matter where I go out to eat I always, ALWAYS, say 'they want you to take the rolls !' Doesn't matter if I'm at a nice Italian joint like Fazoli's or getting a big juicy steak at Applebee's, it's the most consistent thing I do. Pretty sure I've had a handful of relationships end because of it but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Like that Seinfeld episode with the 'HELLLLLLLOOOOOO' bit. There are a literally thousands of reasons my mom hasn't seen a grandchild yet but that is without question near the top. My willingness to sacrifice meaningful relationships for mediocre mid-90's TV references knows no bounds.

Double PS: That is Laurence Fishburne right?