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Saved by the Bell 'behind the scenes' Lifetime movie trailer is out!

by Jon Henseler

So anyone who knows anything about me knows that Saved By the Bell was my JAM back in the day. And actually still today. I'm not sure how many people have free time at 11am on a weekday outside of homeless people and bloggers (homeless people with wi-fi access) but MTV 2 does this 'retro lunch' thing where they air a couple SBTB (saved by the bell street name) episodes and Boy Meets world episodes back to back from 11am-1pm. Just the two hour mental break I require following a morning of doughnuts, coffee and perusing various websites in my sweat pants (pants optional). Apparently Lifetime is doing a 'behind the scenes' of all the scandals going on while the show was filming. I think this is based on a book that Screech wrote during a cash grab book deal but I'm not 100% sure about that. And I know being 'factually correct' isn't something we've been too concerned about here on Strange Brew.....but this is Saved By the Bell. Can't just be throwing around information haphazardly with one of the greatest teen dramas of all time is being discussed. Got to stand for something you know?

So without further adieu a look at the cast, which if we're being honest leaves a lot to be desired. Granted my expectations for a show so near and dear to my heart are probably a touch unrealistic. It would be like going to see a Led Zeppelin cover band at a state fair and being upset that the guy doesn't sound exactly like Robert Plant. Just the same here's the roundup complete with Strange Brew grades.

Kelly Kapowski:

Really tough spot for Alyssa Lynch (actress) to be in here. Kelly Kapowski was more than just a character for my generation. She was an icon. The original smokeshow. I'd take her over any other girl from that time period. Kapowski versus Topanga is basically my version of Sophie's Choice, but I still go Kapowski. That being said, this is pretty close. Solid B.

Zack Morris:

If Kapowski is who every guy wanted to hook up with, then Zack Morris is who every guy wanted to hook up with be. Dude was as cool as they come. The hair, the cell phone, the ability to stop time and break the 4th wall, all of it. They tried their best but this kid is squid city. F-.

AC Slater:

Not too bad. Looks like he could have been one of the guys selling meth in Jesse Pinkman's clan on Breaking Bad, but overall not awful. Solid B/B+. And if he catches any flak he's just got to remember, haters gonna hate, Slaters gonna Slate .

It's a shame that they hired someone because if there's anyone that could use a paycheck it's Screech, but this kid might be more Screech than Screech. I'd give it an A+ but I forgot there's an A++.

Jesse Spano:

WHOA! Only complaint here is that Jesse might be hotter than Kapowski and that simply can't happen. So I want to give her an A but because it doesn't fit with the original show dynamic we have to downgrade her to an A-. That being said we can only hope her career arc follows the real life Elizabeth Berkley's.

Lisa Turtle:

Minus the hair not being crimped (not proud I knew that term off the top of my head) this is dead on. As long as this girl can turn down Screech's advances to the point where he's reading Don't Kill Myself books we're good. Solid A.

So all in all looks pretty solid, guess it airs September 1st. Man, SBTB movie AND Packers in Seattle in the same week?! Mom grab me an extra inhaler!