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Screw Job of the Century on Wheel of Fortune

by Jon Henseler

Sajak, absolutely ruthless! May as well have just declared prima nocte and stole this guy's wife too. Unbelievable. You land on the million dollar square looking fresh to death in your Bill Nye bow tie and you don't put enough emphasis on the 'r' in curio cabinet, which I'm pretty confident is a made up thing, and before you know it a dude in a salmon shirt is stealing your money and dignity. Crazy. Love Sajak at the end of this debacle too, 'we'll take a look at it to make sure we treated you fairly.' Thanks Pat. You'd fit right in as the Pac 12 commissioner.

PS: The look on this guy's face when they hit the 'wrong' buzzer is essentially what I looked like from 2am-2:30am Sunday morning after the ASU train wreck.

Double PS: Trebek: You call THAT ruthless?! HAHAHAHA No.