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Second Madden '15 glitch is even better than the first.

by Jon Henseler

So while I was on vacation last week Madden '15 was released and we did an emergency blog (yeah I just linked a blog I wrote inside of a blog I wrote wanna fight about it?)* chronicling one of the funnier Madden glitches in years where a Rams offensive lineman pancaked blocked a guy into space. I said in that blog that it was one of the more enjoyable Madden glitches in years but still didn't hold a candle to the old SNES and Genesis days where the injury ambulance ran people over on it's way to the field.

Well in the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friends! Meet Christian Kirksey, rookie linebacker for the Cleveland Browns, who for some reason appears on Madden as a rookie linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. Oh yeah and he's 1 foot, 2 inches tall as well. Forgot to mention that. Absolutely HILARIOUS Vine when little Kirksey gets hurdled by a backup Ravens QB and then gets demolished by his own guy. Poor Kirksey looks like one of those drivers on Mario Kart after someone hits the lightening bolt. And your guess is as good as mine as to why they landed on Christian Kirksey as the guy to do this to. Seems like a random 3rd round pick from Iowa would be an odd target. Maybe in college he hooked up with some dude's girlfriend and while he was dedicating his life to becoming an NFL player that guy decided to dedicate his life to becoming a video game developer who can one day make Kirksey a foot tall? Gotta love the long play if that's true. Either way it's hilarious regardless of motivation. Madden '15 glitches so hot right now Madden '15 glitches.

*Pretty big rest of the week following my Wednesday blog. Thursday I cut the lawn and cleaned the air filter on my lawnmower, Friday I went to Lids and got a new Packer hat, Saturday I figured out how to change the background on my iPhone, Sunday I finished an episode of Deep Space Nine fan fiction and Monday I wound down by silently judging my friends on Facebook. All in all pretty nice little week.

PS: I would imagine it's not a great locker room look for your Madden character to be a foot tall. I feel like the Browns should sign Richie Incognito purely for the bullying purposes. RIP Christian Kirksey's self confidence.