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Sergio Garcia whines about Tiger, promptly chokes away 6 strokes on the last two holes.

by Jon Henseler

I don't know who all watched the end of the TPC yesterday but it was flat out fantastic to watch Sergio Garcia melt down like he just found the Ark of the Covenant on the 17th and 18th holes. After spending all of Saturday and Sunday morning whining about how Tiger was busting his flow because the crowds that follow him are so large he goes out and hits +6 on the last two holes after being tied for the lead entering hold #17. Jean Van de Velde city. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Like I didn't have an opinion of Garcia before this weekend but his Q rating must have been plummeting after that performance. Not a good look for Spain either. Hell they may as well deport him to France the way he was carrying on about other people pissing in his Cherrios all weekend. He'd be a king there. Huge blue-chip complaining prospect as far as they're concerned. If only he would have quit after 17 he'd have pitched a perfect game. Like when an NFL prospect runs a 4.2 40, that would have been Sergio's French weekend. So yeah, I laughed at his failure for half an hour yesterday and it felt great. Does it make me a bad person? Probably. But it also makes me a great American.

Also I'm kind of wondering if people are over the 'Tiger scandal'? Never thought it was a big deal myself. Plus he's got sort of Tyson quality to me. I'll always root for him no matter what. Could be hooking up with prostitutes, could be biting a person's ear off, I'll still be there cheering.

PS: Got to love Tiger with the quick response on Saturday too. No hesitation whatsoever. It's like if Costanza would have hit jerk store right away instead of in the car on the way home.

Double PS: You know what else I really got into this past weekend? NHL playoff hockey. That has always been on the periphery for me but I was locked and loaded for every game yesterday. Between that, the TPC and the Brewer game, it was a full day. It's amazing how many sports games you can watch when you're not curing cancer or being a productive, contributing member of society.