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Sheboygan Falls Basketball players suspended for 'gang symbols.'

by Jon Henseler

So this story took over the Sheboygan Internet this morning (which I imagine as a single dial-up computer located in the basement of the Sheboygan Armory). Basically a story was being written about Jordon, Jamal and Juwaun Jackson moving to the area and playing basketball for the Falcons. To go along with the story, the photographer took two pictures, one serious picture and one where he told the boys to act goofy. The above video shows the goofy picture, which is the one that ran with the story. 

Now apparently some parents and students claimed that they were 'uncomfortable' or 'threatened' by the gestures being made because they believed them to be gang related. So long story short, the superintendent of the Sheboygan Falls school district suspended them from playing their upcoming game with rival Plymouth on Friday night.

Now there is a LOT of consternation on Facebook, Twitter, etc. about this decision, calling the superintendent stupid and blah blah blah. Look here's the bottom line, the 'symbols' or 'gestures' being used in this picture have ZERO to do with gangs. ZERO. Anybody with half a brain who has watched even a second of high school, college or NBA basketball knows that when you hit a three point shot, that's the gesture a lot of people make. Lebron James makes it. Sam Dekker makes it, almost everyone makes it. Hell if I ever made a three point shot, I would have made it too. And you know something else? If Dekker took a picture like this while he was at Sheboygan Area Lutheran and held his hands like that there is a -50% chance he would have been suspended.

So while I'll restrain from calling a superintendent 'stupid' I will say that Sheboygan Falls School District made a big mistake by misinterpreting what is going on in this photo and they need to rectify that mistake immediately. These are freakin' kids folks and they meant no harm with this photo. If you live on planet earth and have a shred of common sense you can figure that out.