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Sheep with the best 'baaa' you've ever heard.

by Jon Henseler

Love this dude. Kind of want to find out where he is and kidnap the crap out of him and make him my blogging side kick. Just when I need a little inspiration turn to him for a Sam Elliot style BAAAAAAA. Liitle bro sounds like he crushed a bottle of Beam and ripped a pack of Marb Reds last night and that's exactly what I want in my sheep. So there you go folks, you may wish you had 9 seconds of your life back, but let's be real, it's not like you were curing cancer in those 9 seconds. And I'm willing to bet you hit replay at least once.

PS: About 10 years ago my buddy John and I roadtripped it from Point down to Carthage College in Kenosha for a Bob Dylan show. Listened to 60's Live Dylan the entire trip down even though I guess listening to the artist on the way to his or her show is generally frowned upon. I think we even had Dylan shirts on. What can I say we were rule breakers. James Dean type of rebels. Anyhow we get to the show and Dylan comes on about an hour late but no big deal, we were about to hear the sweet voice of a legend! Then he sang his first note and we were beyond shocked. I haven't been able to properly describe what it sounded like since that day. Like if Fran Drescher mated with a dragon, that's kind of what it was like. But this sheep here absolutely NAILS it. Exactly what Dylan sounded like. If this little guy could sing Tambourine Man he could be a Dylan cover artist in no time.

Double PS: Whomever is in charge of my internet activity at NSA has to want to kill themselves.