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Sobelman's turns the Bloody Mary game on it's head by including an entire fried chicken in their drink.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, I don't know who this dude news anchor is but who 'isn't into' bloody Mary's? May I ask sir how you wake yourself up every morning without one? What else aren't you into? Jameson in your coffee? Vodka in your orange juice? Gin in your milk? America?

Anyway for those that have been following it these bloody Mary wars in the Milwaukee area have been raging for many years now. Each place trying to outdo the other with a more insane food on the top of the drink. It's like the Cold War arms race except instead of weapons for war it's weapons for excessive plaque buildup. Either way for the moment Sobelman's takes the cake. Which ironically might be the next move for a different restaurant to counter with, and entire sheet cake in their bloody Mary (Strange Brew patent pending). In any case I feel like this monstrosity needs to be added to my bucket list. Probably should knock everything else off of that list before this one but it's on there. I feel like $50 is too much to spend on a bloody and it might shave a year off of my life but I've gambled more money than that on WNBA games and it's not like I'd use that year to find a cure for cancer so what do I have to lose. Hopefully they'll grind up a few Tums and Lipitor and sprinkle them in the drink to give me a fighting chance.

PS: If you go to the Huffington Post (hey Arianna must have missed your phone call but I'm ready to start work whenever) story on this you find a litany of pictures of people posing with the Bloody Mary and smiling ear to ear. I'd love to see the 'after' pictures following taking this thing on. Probably look like one of those posts on The Chive about the effects of using meth.

Double PS: This would have been a perfect Man vs Food episode for Adam Richman before he quit the show and decided to get skinny and lame. Hey Adam, there's nothing funny about a physically fit man.