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Soccer Fans at an England/Peru match get a Paper Airplane to hit a player on the field.

by Jon Henseler

First of all the reaction of this video should tell you all you need to know about soccer. When that Dunder Mifflin 747 hit it's intended target the crowd went from Saturday morning brunch with NPR to late 90's WWF Stone Cold entrance. World Cup Fever catch it!

Nah in all seriousness what are the odds on this?! Like this has got to be a Frank Costanza 'million to one doc million to one ' special. And I know internet truthers everywhere are breaking this thing down frame by frame like it's the Kennedy assassination and disproving it but I'm going to choose to ignore that and remain blissfully ignorant. Actually that last part was my exact same reaction when Midwest Communications told me I was fired in 2011 but that's a different story from a different day. The point is I want to live in a world where a paper airplane in the nosebleeds hit a soccer player on the 'pitch' 500 feet away and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise can kick rocks. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel. I hope you're happy with the skeptical world you've created.

Also I know the World Cup starts soon so I'm studying up on the game so I can actually feel like I know what I'm talking about when Team America starts on June 16th. First up in my preparation? Boosting my acumen with the best soccer movies in film history (The Big Green, Air Bud World Pup, She's the Man). After that I'm going to play some FIFA '95 on Sega Genesis while drinking dark European beers that taste like melted down dorm room carpet. Soccer 101. Hold my calls mom! I'm not quitting until you tell me lunch is ready!

PS: In all honesty you know this is fake because the guy who gets 'hit' doesn't go down like he was in front of a firing squad.