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Sophia Minnaert takes a ball to the face during a live break in on Saturday.

by Jon Henseler

In the face! IN THE FACE!!! I mean if this doesn't accurately sum up the Brewers season so far this year I'm not sure what does. Team in last place nearing the end of May? Check. Inability to get clutch hits with runners in scoring position? Double check. Young pitching that has led to more than one Ben Hendrickson reference? Triple check. Sideline reporters getting Chuck Knoblauched* during a live break in? Quadruple check. Just a category 5 sh!tshow from top to bottom in the first two months.  At least Sophia here collected herself and finished off the cut in. Kramer would have been proud, poise COUNTS!

With that said, can we talk about the lineup that Ron Roenicke trotted out there yesterday? Woof. Now obviously injury and incompetence plays into it but no Ryan Braun, no Aramis Ramirez, no Lucroy, no Weeks, and still no Hart as long as we're throwing names out there. Like our infield consisted of Jeff Bianchi, Alex Gonzalez and Yuni B. Honestly given that lineup the fact that we even scored 3 runs is a miracle. Too bad Wily Peralta was out there giving away free passes like he was a bouncer letting in smokeshows at a club on Saturday night. Seriously, Wily, my man, think of your WHIP like you think of an interest rate, the lower the better. I guess that's the roller coaster you ride when you invest in youth. Peralta CAN throw absolute filth. He might go 5-16 with a 5 ERA this year and come back next year going 16-5 with a 3 ERA. It takes time. But for those longing for the days of the early 2000's Brewers, between the lineup, the injuries, the pitching and the current record, we're knocking on the door of some 2002 nostalgia.

*That was a next level blogging reference if I do say so myself. Chuck had the worst case of the yips maybe ever. Literally no on in the stadium was safe.


Officially: Grow up Chris Dye.

Unofficially: Paid (unpaid) internship with your name on it.