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Spin Chill about to reinvent the beer game.

by Jon Henseler

Welp folks this is right up there with Gutenberg's Printing Press, Marconi's wireless messaging, Edison's electricity (eat it Tesla, team Edison ride or die), and whomever invented the Pizzazz pizza oven. I mean I think we've all been down this road during a tailgate where you buy a quick case of beer and then sit there and wait for the mountains to turn blue*. Then inevitably you get impatient and before you know it your sucking down a luke warm beer like some sort of animal. Well no more! The Chill Bit and the Beeroutte are here to chill your beer in 30 seconds flat! Honest to God this is right up there with the beer tap that fills from the bottom  and the shower can koozie  we've featured on Strange Brew before. To quote Homer, it's so simple, it works on so many levels! So am I going to become an investor in this invention/possible pyramid scheme? Absolutely. Maybe they'll even give me a piece of paper saying I'm a stockholder.

*Friggin' kids these days with their cans letting them know when the beer is cold. In my day you had to use your judgement! Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it wasn't but you drank it either way. We were basically cavemen.

PS: Had a buddy in college who actually PREFERRED warm beer. Absolute wildcard. I don't know where he is today but my guess is jail.

Double PS: No quicker way to lose your man card than to put one of those chill bits on an already opened beer because it got 'too warm' while you were drinking it. If that happens to you at a tailgate best to just finish your warm beer as opposed to announcing to your buddies that it took you 15 minutes to nurse your Miller Lite.