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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn't contain any pumpkin. Oh no!- said no one.

by Jon Henseler

So while I was on vacation last week Jess let me know that the Pumpkin Spice Latte made it's triumphant return to Starbucks! I guess for a while certain stores were only letting you buy it if you told them the right 'password' which Jess told me was 'I love kissing dudes.' Seemed like an odd choice but if a Pumpkin Spice Latte is on the table I'll say pretty much whatever. That said I immediately stopped betting on mid-afternoon European soccer and rushed to Starbucks to get my first taste of the season*.

Now I guess when news broke that the PSL was available again, this blog called the 'Food Babe' did a little investigative research on the ingredients that are actually in PSL's and then dropped the bombshell that there was in fact NO pumpkin in them. Gasp! And not only that but I guess the main ingredients are Caramel Color Level IV and pesticide residue! Look Food Babe I know you thought this was the food-blogging equivalent of Wikileaks but I'm here to let you know that this is going to stop approximately 0% of people from buying these things. Like when I heard the story without reading it I literally said 'there could be rat poison in them and I'd still buy them' and lo and behold there basically is. Not going to change the fact that I'm getting 1 a day minimum until they're gone. It's like last year when it came out that the McDonalds McRib's had bits of yoga mat in them. Gross right? Well you know where I was the day the McRib came back at Mickey D's? Sitting in the drive thru lane looking to get my hands on those delicious, barbequey yoga mats. Plus I'm sure most of the 'bad' stuff in these things are only trace amounts. And they used one of the best Carmel Color Level's they could! Carmel Color Level IV is definitely better than Level V and I've seen convincing arguments that it's better than Levels II and III. Bottom line is you could come out with research showing me that PSL's are worse for me than cigarettes and I'll still going to buy them up like they're Google stock in 1998. Cue the Newman:

*Still definitely feels too early for PSL's and Oktoberfest beers. I went to dinner last week and had the waitress offer me an Oktoberfest on August 23rd. Trying to reconcile a seasonal beer that far out of season put me in a mental pretzel to the point where I just stared at her for 3 straight minutes while my brain hit crtl+alt+del furiously.

PS: That all being said, Food Babe can get it. And by 'get it' I mean get picked up in my dad'sminivan, taken to a nice little Italian joint (Fazoli's ever heard of it?) and then back to my place where I've got the ENTIRE DVD works of Boy Meets World. So, yeah, your move Food Babe.

Double PS: Is it weird that my idea of romance is Food Babe and Junk Food Guy becoming a couple? Better love story than Twilight at the very least.