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Stuart Scott's Jimmy V acceptance speech from last night's ESPY's is appointment viewing.

by Jon Henseler

Annual ESPY awards last night and this absolutely stole the show. I think I was vaguely aware of Stuart Scott battling some form of disease but I didn't know it was cancer, how rare it was and how long he's been fighting to live each day. Which is a testament to his character and strength. I just see him on Sportscenter or anchoring NBA or NFL games like he always is and never thought twice about it. Seems like that's exactly what he wants. To just live his life. He doesn't want cancer to define him. Amazing speech that is probably only trumped by Valvano's original speech many years ago. Crying big ol' Knowshown Moreno tears watching this. Keep fighting the good fight Stuart, everyone is pulling for you. Preach .