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Taylor Swift said what?

by Jon Henseler

You know what Taylor Swift is? What Seinfeld would term a 'bad breaker upper.' Now granted I'm not sure if she ever dated one of the dudes on stage and maybe she wasn't even talking about them when the camera cut to her for what appeared to be  an 'only I didn't say fudge' moment. That plus maybe she didn't even say what it looked like she said. What we need would be Jerry's lip reading girlfriend but even that's not fool proof (they said SWEEP you idiots!). But even given all of that non-knowledge I'm going to go ahead and say she dated 80% of the guys on stage and was directly addressing them because that's what the rest of the internet is saying. Internet mob mentality 101.

PS: Justin Timberlake with the power move of the century last night. The only one holding out of an NSYNC reunion for about a decade and then when he agrees to do it, he does a 10 minute solo performance, allows them 21 seconds of stage time, and then back to 10 more minutes of JT. Cuckhold city.

Double PS: Joey Fatone after said 21 seconds: