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Teacher uses Game of Thrones spoilers to get his class to behave.

by Jon Henseler

(If Khaleesi doesn't unleash hell with those damn dragons this season I'm gonna be pissed. Stop trapsing around the dessert freeing slaves and take your hot mother of dragons ass to the iron throne already. Be better.)

Story here that I think all educators should probably pay attention to. Teacher at a Belgian high school used the dreaded 'spoiler alert!' to get his class to behave. I guess he took a quick poll to see what kids in his class watch the HBO show Game of Thrones and when like 85% of this class said they did he told them that if they didn't get their act together he would start writing the names of people who are going to die on the blackboard and ruin it for them because he read the books. Frieking brilliant! Basically a 2014 version of Chris Farley in Billy Madison saying he'll turn this damn bus around. That'll end your precious field trip pretty damn quick!

Honestly though this is absolutely the new age 'write that phrase on the blackboard 100 times after school' maneuver. Nobody likes TV shows or movies spoiled for them. Nobody. And it's especially prevalent now with Netflix streaming and DVR-ing. Nobody is watching shows at the same time anymore. So instead of traditional discipline this is what administrators are forced to utilize. Didn't turn your homework in on time? Let me tell you what happens at the Red Wedding! Won't stop talking in class? Guess I'll let the whole class know the fate of Walter White! Bullying becoming an issue? Time to uncover what the Man in Black does in the finale of Lost! A+ idea from Briljant Idee. Because kids can't learn if they don't pay attention. And you can't make them pay attention without a viable threat. Day 1 teaching.

PS: You know what really grinds my gears though? People who go on Facebook or Twitter and accidentally stumble up on a spoiler for a show they're watching. Then they make a comment or a status update that says something like 'thanks for the spoiler! was going to watch that this weekend.' Ummmmmm if you don't want a show spoiled for you I think I might have a workaround for you? Maybe stay off of social media where you know literally everyone will be talking about it. Sincerly, society.

Double PS: Do people not have HBO? I was trying to talk to a buddy about True Detective the other day and he said he 'doesn't get HBO.' What? Is that possible? Like I know it's an extra $15 a month or whatever but I'm borderline homeless and I (my parents) get it.