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Ted Thompson locked in with extension, McCarthy likely next.

by Jon Henseler

'Hey Ted you just signed a brand new contract extension for millions of dollars give us a smile man!' 'Uhhhhhh alright now let's try a real big grin on this next one!' 'Alright let me paint a picture for you, you just signed a contract to get paid millions of dollars to run the most historic and successful franchise in NFL history!' 'Okay now on this one look like you've just had your soul sucked out of you body by a Dementor and you're about to sit down for a dinner of plain chicken with cold vegetables and a glass of warm water.' 'Nailed it!'

So the big story from Packer training camp yesterday was the contract extension for GM Ted Thompson. And in classic Thompson fashion we have no idea how long the extension is for or how much money he'll stand to make. Pretty par for the course for the Thompson regime. I think we're still waiting for official word on the Charles Woodson signing. Nobody keeps team business closer to the vest than Teddy Ballgame. Guy treats information like it's Fight Club. For all we know Ted Thompson's name isn't even Ted Thompson. Like off the top of your head name one Ted Thompson fact that doesn't involve him playing in the NFL or being the GM of the Green Bay Packer Football Club. You can't! His Wiki page is basically the length of a Tweet. But all of that aside this is clearly good news for the Packers and anyone who thinks otherwise has a giant dump in their pants. The team is 92-62-1 in his tenure and that includes a 4-12 season in 2005. They've made the playoffs the last 5 years running and brought home the Lombardi trophy in 2010. Pretty solid little resume if you ask me. Not as good as my run with the Browns on PS2 when I won 6 straight titles with the Browns from 2005-2011 but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt considering he's not able to fudge the salary cap or (accidentally) hit reset when it looks like he's going to lose (it's called a mulligan ever heard of it?). So what sounds like at least 4 more years of In Ted We Trust is fine by me. Sure seems a long time ago that these pictures were everywhere doesn't it?

PS: Never blogged about the Jordy Nelson resigning but obviously it's great to have him back in the fold. Could you have an argument about paying ANY receiver 10 million a year when you've got a HOF QB? Sure. But one of the reasons that Favre's prime was wasted was that he didn't get a single weapon from 1999-2007. So yeah, let's not relive that. Plus I couldn't believe that Nelson had of 1,300 yards last year. 1,300! That's with Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn throwing to him half the season. Almost improbable stat with those QB's. That's like eating a well-done steak with a plastic knife and fork. If that's what Jordy puts up with those QB's what would Calvin Johnson do with A-Rod as his QB all season. 3,000 yards?

Double PS: I know it probably wasn't but I want the fact that Jordy's contract was slightly more than Craig Jennings' to not be an accident.