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The Big O is back with the Crew!

by Jon Henseler

Well would you look at that! The Crew made an actual move that I don't hate this offseason. Bringing back the big O Lyle Overbay to compete for a job at first base just makes sense at this point. Hell it would have made more sense last year at this point but that's neither here nor there I suppose. 

Bottom line is that we can't go through another year at first base the way we went through last year. Really think about this fact: The Brewers played 7 different players at first base in 2013 and NONE of them had ever been true first basemen in their careers. That's borderline astounding for a Major League Baseball team. Like this isn't the California Penal League we're talking about here, this is the M-L-Friekin' B! At MINIMUM you should be able to put 9 players on the field who are semi competent at what they do. And the name Yuniesky Bentancourt and 'semi competent' seems grammatically incorrect. Like I'd rather have present day Clu Haywood out there in 2014 if Yuni B is the alternative. Hell I'd put present day Pete Vuckovich out there over Yuni B. 

So at least with Overbay you get a guy who has played the position his whole life (with a .995 career fielding percentage nbd/kbd) in addition to a guy who hits for contact and knows his limits. Now we have to keep in mind that Overbay is 37 and he's certainly NOT going to be the guy who smashed 53 doubles and hit .301 with us in 2004. With that stop me from having those unrealistic expectations for him? Nope. But if we're being honest I'd take 100-115 games of him hitting .250-.270. And I don't so much mind him platooning with Reynolds. Reynolds has first base experience too. He is a CLASSIC all or nothing hitter* (once batted .198 and hit 37 bombs in the same season) but that's not awful if he's not used 145 games a year. My guess is that Overbay beats out Francisco as the lefty option unless Juan has been spending his entire off-season watching Tom Emanski tapes on repeat. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

*When they signed Reynolds I looked at his career stats on Baseball Reference and they are mind boggling. He owns the record for strikeouts in a year, 223 in 2009, but that same year he hit 44 home runs and knocked in 102 RBI. He's Rob Deer reincarnate. Hell he makes you wonder if he actually is Rob Deer and Rob ages like Ben Button.