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The Hart Foundation at Miami Marlins wrestling night.

by Jon Henseler

This is a little footage from the Miami Marlins 'Legends of Wrestling' night. Which, by the way, sounds like it might have been the best night of all time. The Nasty Boys, Hart Foundation, Goldberg*, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, just a who's who of my childhood. Great promotion and a great idea from the Marlins marketing department. I mean if your team is only going to win 40 games this year you've got to figure out a way to put butts in seats somehow right? Hell I think they even let Koko B Ware bat 7th in their lineup. His parrot was the bullpen catcher from the 6th inning on. But on the whole, seemed like a successful night which moves the Marlins to '1' on that scorecard this year.

That being said, how sad is this video of Jim the Anvil Neidhart? I mean what's going on there? He looks like the villain in the first Men in Black. I looked at his Wiki page and there's no mention of health issues or whatever but this looks like another case of an 80's/90's wrestler who is just having a rough go of it. Sad stuff really. 

*85% chance Ryan Braun goes from Goldberg to Gillberg after this PED thing wraps up.

PS: You know where Jim needs to go? DDP's house! Anyone catch that Real Sports segment this week? DDP just saving one former wrestler at a time with yoga. He helped Jake the Snake get his act together, and Scott Hall too. I mean how is that not a reality show? Just old wrestlers trying to stay clean and talking about stories of wrestling's past. I'd be glued to my TV every week like that kid in Poltergeist. 

Double PS: That show might have the same script as Walking Dead.