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The #lockinluc voting campaign video the Brewers put out is a 10/10.

by Jon Henseler

First off how is this video not being featured at brewers.com? I saw it run yesterday on FSN just before Rob Wooten came in and puked all over himself like he just threw in a dip of Big Chief (the best) and I legit lol-ed. So I wrote a note on my hand to remind myself to play it on the air and blog about it today. Then when I got to work I noticed said note on my hand and spent about 23 minutes trying to decipher why I would write 'llcruy campdegn'* on my hand. Luckily it dawned on me that that was my attempt at 'lucroy campgain' and proceeded to search for quality video/audio at the Brewers website. Nothing. So I googled 'lucroy fsn #lockinluc ad.' Nothing. Luckily after about 10 minutes I tracked down this recording from youtube user 'KingsOfCork' (Sammy Sosa's account?) who fortunately had it uploaded and saved my whole blogging day. So a big thank you to KingsOfCork and his toaster oven he somehow turned into a camcorder.

Anyhow I was sort of wondering when these videos would start considering how great of a year Lucroy has had. 2nd best batting average in the NL, 3rd best and throwing out runners and frames pitches so well he is basically a human version of putting a Word Art border on your 5 paragraph essay's in 5th grade. Dude does it all. Like you could make a legit argument for him being the 1st half NL MVP. So he absolutely deserves to start the all star game. Problem is it's all fan voted and Yadier Molina basically has a two lap lead with 4 laps left. It would take a LOT of burner email accounts to get it done but who knows, Brewer fans have a pretty good history of winning fan votes before so maybe we can do it again. Either way, funny marketing videos can't hurt, and if all else fails maybe the Brewers can send out Gorman Thomas and Rob Deer to rough a few people up. Chicago politics: Engage.

*Ask anyone I know, I do this OFTEN. I write notes on my hand, wrist, arm, whatever's available. If I were one of the founding fathers I would have had the Bill of Rights on my forearm. The problem is that I have the penmanship of a drunk toddler. So if I would have died on the way to work today my whole family's last memory of me will be trying to interpret 'llcruy campdegn.' Classic!

PS: Did you see the 'Rappers and Wranglers' dress up day before the Brewers hit the road for Arizona yesterday?

Absolutely breathtaking. I'm telling you there is something about this team's chemistry. And I could not believe the way Big Daddy Ron Roenicke looked. Took me a while to find him actually. Like a middle aged gangster version of Where's Waldo.

Double PS: In my mind this is how Lyle Overbay dresses for every road trip. 'Whoops Lyle just stole my girl again'- Everyone.