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The makers of Dollar Shave Club now out with One Wipe Charlie

by Jon Henseler

Alright for those that don't know, this is the same dude that started the Dollar Shave Club and took the world by storm last year with this ad:

Absolutely killer ad. So good that I'm a member of the Dollar Shave Club and I have had a full beard and mustache*. Like that's how you know it's a great ad, if you don't need it but still want it. Same deal with Aaron Rodgers and the State Farm Discount Double Check. I've had Progressive for years. Great service and always there when I need them. But that State Farm commercial was so good that I took out a second insurance policy on the same car**.

So now the One Wipe Charlie makes it's debut with quite possibly the most outrageous advertising claim of all time. And that's saying something considering at one point Camel cigarettes were endorsed by doctor's and claimed you would live to be 100 by smoking them. I mean one wipe? Really? It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous! But, once again, I just have to find out. Dollar Shave Club guy: 2, Strange Brew: 0.

*Not really

**See above

PS: How awesome was it to be in advertising before the FDA? You could say literally anything! Don't want cancer? Eat Cherrios! Eliminate heart disease with 7-Up! It was like baseball before steroid testing.

Double PS: How great are one wipers?