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This 1991 Brat Days ad is absolute gold Jerry, gold!

by Jon Henseler

Not much to add to this video. If you're from Sheboygan, you'll get it, if you're not from Sheboygan, you won't. If the Jaycee's and Johnsonville don't find everyone from this video and remake it for this year's Brat Days it is an absolute travesty.

PS: This may be the only video of a Sheboygan resident tearing up a dollar. It pained me to watch it. Over/under on how long it took for that Washington to be taped up is set at 11 seconds.

Double PS: Prange's bakery was fire flames. Cream filled Long John's were a staple of a young Jonathan's life. Sadly the days of department stores having bakeries and sandwich/soup restaurants are long gone. I have to believe though that there is SOMEONE out there in Sheboygan that has the recipe for those long john's. Where are you?! I will literally pay thousands of internet dollars to have you make me long john's every week! Strange Brew pastry search team ASSSSSEMMMMMBLLLLLEEEE!