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This 4 minute video of the whole Ryan Braun/Kirk Gibson/Jonathan Lucroy fiasco last night is appointment viewing.

by Jon Henseler

Absolutely AWESOME moment in last night's game. This video does a great job of summing up the events leading up to Lucroy's moonshot except the only thing I wanted was the Diamondback TV or radio call of the slam which wasn't included. I envision it sounding like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and Hal from Space Odyssey teaming up for a Sunday morning NPR show. So essentially a Joe Buck call I suppose.

But this moment was everything you could as for as a Brewer fan. Like think of how many times as a sports fan do you feel like your team got wronged and thought to yourself 'wouldn't it be awesome if ________ hit a grand slam, or threw a touchdown or hit a big 3.' And it literally never happens and your team ends up losing and you spend your night reading Don't Kill Myself books.

Well in regards to last night and in the words of Lee Corso: Not so fast my friends! Kirk Gibson decides to be a tough guy and instead of intentionally walking Braun, throws behind him and then at him to load the bases. Can't hate on him for the 'baseball strategy' there because that is the proper play. You load 'em up and hope for a double play. And while I was incensed at the time I can't totally hate hitting a guy there. Lohse hit a few guys and buzzed a few towers last night before this 7th inning played out. Totally different circumstances because Lohse was throwing breaking balls and clearly didn't have his typical control last night, but if I'm a Diamondback fan I can see feeling justified in throwing at a guy. And it's not like he threw high and tight, he threw it at his ass which is where you throw it if it's intentional but you don't want to hurt him. I get all that. But what you don't do is cheer for your pitcher in the dugout and fist bump him like he just struck out someone to get out of a jam in the World Series. You at least act like it wasn't intentional even if the whole world knows it was. Which is what makes Lucroy's shot all the sweeter. It was one of those moments where you thought 'wouldn't it be great if Lucroy goes yard here?' And wouldn't you know it on the first pitch he hits a shot to dead center to put the Crew up. Even gives the D-Back bench some Blue Steel on his way around the bases. You couldn't write a better script. It's like when someone uses improper grammar correcting your grammar on Facebook. Or when the car that knows the lane is ending races ahead and tries to cut someone off gets blocked by a whole line of traffic*. Or when 'Jerk Store' hits you in the moment and not on the ride home. Absolutely perfect!

*I consider myself a fairly non-violent person but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't envisioned 'that guy' getting in an accident. Not like a fatal one or one that involves another car, just an accident where they end up eating baby food from a straw for a week or 10.