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This 8 year old kid at the Blue Jay/Ranger game is smoother than I will ever be.

by Jon Henseler

So this kid won the weekend. #1 play on Sportscenter, viral video city. Little bro just playing the old switcheroo giving the smoke behind him a ball he brought to the ballpark while at the same time taking home the game used foul ball the 3rd base coach tossed to him. Kid's got more game at 8 years old then I'll probably ever have. Because he already understands the most valuable rule in the timeless art of seduction. And that is that girls are drawn to one of two things;

#1: Confidence

or #2: A man with a child's spirit who is almost 30, wears pajama pants to work Monday-Wednesday (every other Thursday and Friday), and is in his career not for fame or money but for the love of the game and the continued pursuit of 23 hour work weeks.

So at a young age you can either hedge your bets on #2 (jury's still out) or go with #1. He went with #1 and he's a cocksman in training because of it.The hustler force is strong with this young padawan.

PS: Jealous city. Doesn't matter if it was Ryan Gosling or an 8 year old kid. He cho-cho-chose her over them.