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This black lab and his bucket win the internet.

by Jon Henseler

Charcoal! Love these videos. Name another animal whose whole life is made by one simple bucket. You can't. Only thing that makes me feel a little bittersweet watching this is that I'm 100% positive that I will never be as happy in my life as Charcoal is with this bucket. I could win the lottery and have Kate Upton come to my house vowing to make all my dreams come true (watch the entire series of Boy Meets World in order with Kate Upton) and I still wouldn't get as much enjoyment out of life and Charcoal with his bucket. And the thing is I should be this happy! I lead a life where I get up and put on old jeans and a hoodie to go to 'work.' I get paid actual money ( meatballs ) to type nonsense on the internet and speak nonsense on the air. And on top of all of that I'm a middle class white male who lives in America! Really think about that life for a second. Like 65% of the world still struggles to avoid contracting easily curable diseases that I only learned about on Oregeon Trail. For all intents and purposes I won the life lottery. And still, I will never look like this at any point in my life:

Touche Charcoal. Touche.

PS: I'm not sure why but after watching the video of Charcoal and his bucket this video popped into my head. It either makes no sense or makes so much sense it's next level blogging. MY NAME IS CHARCOAL AND I GET BUCKETS!

Double PS: Gus Johnson calling a close basketball game might be as close as any human gets to 'dog mentality.'

Triple PS: Officially; grow up 'thomas kask.' Unofficially; unpaid part time gig at Strange Brew if you want it.