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This guy took the Undertaker loss HARD.

by Jon Henseler

(sneaky great shirt to pick up women in, chicks dig confidence and a shot caller, check and check)

So this was essentially the reaction of the WWE Universe/America when the Undertaker had his Wrestlemania streak broken last night. Look I think most fans who have watched Taker's whole career are in agreement that at some point that streak had to end. But the issue most people had with it was that it had to end to Brock frieking Lesnar? Really ? Like he's a decent character but think of the dude's Taker has taken on during this streak. Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, CM Punk just to name a few. I mean there are certified Hall of Famers on that list. And Lesnar was the pick? That would be like UCLA's college hoops winning streak in the 60's ending to Tulane instead of Kansas or Kentucky. And I know there's a lot of articles out there saying that 'Lesnar changed the outcome without telling anyone' and that 'Vince McMahon is pissed the streak is over.' Look if you fall for that I've got some beachfront property to sell you in Mojave. This was a Vince McMahon and Undertaker decision the entire way and if you fall for a story that claims Vinnie Mac 'didn't know' you're loony tunes. Vince McMahon is like the Eye of Sauron when it comes to the WWE*. He knows all. He sees all.

*Well Mom if you were looking for one compact sentence that most accurately encompasses why you don't have a grandchild yet, that's probably it. I went full dweeb. Never go full dweeb.

PS: 'Oh Jon grow up you're almost 30 and you still watch wrestling!' Ummmmm yeah I do. Not all the time but I sure as sh!t am watching Wrestlemania and I think you're borderline Un-American if you don't. Everyone loves Wrestlemania. Terrorist cells who hate everything about American love Wrestlemania. Hell Saddam Hussein was at Wrestlemania VI I. So yeah I still watch it. And I even watched it over the ACM's which as a country radio morning show host might have been slightly more pertinent to my core audience. On the other hand I'll be well prepped for my wrestling podcast which at last check had 29 subscribers nbd.