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This Kentucky fan with a 2014 Championship Tattoo is probably having a bad morning.

by Jon Henseler

So a little context here since I'm not sure how many people in my core audience* are following the day to day activities of a Kentucky basketball fan and his tattoo mishap: For those that don't follow college basketball and probably watched Kentucky for the first time this past Saturday, the Wildcats had a historically great recruiting class this season. 5 freshmen, all studs. And potential Rhodes scholars to boot . Like Michigan Fab Five type stuff. So naturally they were the preseason #1 and THAT is when this guy got this tattoo. Pretty ballsy move to get permanent ink on your body touting a national champion before the season even starts. So as things progress Kentucky starts taking loss after loss and before you know it are out of the top 25. Everyone calling this dude a moron who is going to have this homage to a colossal failure on his body like a scarlet letter for the rest of time. But then Kentucky starts gelling and winning in the tournament. First round victory against Kansas State, dealt Wichita State their first loss of the year, upended in state rival Louisville and took down two Big Ten powerhouses to reach the championship game. One step away from having his 3rd grade art project tattoo pay off! And then UConn came along last night and Mutombo-ed the Wildcats. So close yet so far my man. I don't know what it says about me as a person but this guy's plight is the first time I've felt good since Saturday. Some would say it's not very Christian of me to be spiteful but I would counter that if you've read even a single page of the Old Testament it's very Christian of me. Story of Noah staring Maximus, ever heard of it?

*The day I was hired: Your goal is to attract a female demographic between the ages of 25 and 54 with your morning show and blog. Either someone at corporate appreciates the irony of my efforts or there's a clerical error and I'm still getting paid.

PS: As gutsy as this tattoo is, given how good the recruiting class was and how Kentucky is in it pretty much every year I'd say he at least had a fair shot. Show me a Cubs fan with a 2014 World Series Champions tat and I'll show you someone with onions.