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This kid playing in the Little League World Series stole the show with his hobby.

by Jon Henseler

'Whoops looks like Presley Smith just stole my girlfriend again'- Pennsylvania

I mean how about the onions on this kid coming to the plate rocking the 'talking to girls' hobby. Diabolical. Like this kid is 12 years old. 12! Already with more game than I will ever have in my life. And that realization kind of ruined my Sunday night if we're being honest. Like I can't imagine what I would have put on there at 12 years old. Hobby: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Hobby: a/s/l AOL chatroom. Hobby: Magic the Gathering.

And to top it off the broadcast crew said that when they asked him to elaborate on it he said 'talk to girls in any way possible.' The force is strong with this one. May as well have put 'stylin' and profilin' on there like he's a Ric Flair padawan. If his at bat music was 'Return of the Mack' I think I'd just flat out move if I were a kid in his class.

PS: I seriously think they should add 'hobby' to MLB telecasts when a player is up to bat the first time of the season. Carlos Gomez hobby: rich people things/googling. Jonathan Lucroy hobby: trolling Cardinals fans. Ryan Braun hobby: not doing steroids.

Double PS: I have a lot of buddies who are into the Little League World Series. Like filling out brackets into it. I guess I get the whole 'America's game being played by kids' thing but as far as I can tell I can't gamble on it. And my question is, if you can't gamble on it does it really exist.