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Three dudes set record for watching TV for 87 straight hours.

by Jon Henseler

Story we had on the air this morning about three guys at a Las Vegas electronics convention last week that set the Guinness Record for consecutive hours of TV watched at 87. Which was all well and good until I read about the prizes they won. $5,000 to split between them, an HDTV*, a TiVo with lifetime service (which is great if they can travel back to 1999 before DVR), an iPad, a Sonos sound system, a gamer chair (always good to have as the center of your living room furniture when you have a girl over), and a year's subscription to Netflix.

Ummmmm what? All for watching TV for 87 hours?! You know what I call watching TV for 87 consecutive hours? Labor Day weekend. Plus they got nap breaks and bathroom breaks for 10 minutes every hour! I'm telling you right now I can beat this record in my sleep. I know 'binge' watching is sort of a new thing but I'm almost certain I watched every Breaking Bad episode last winter in one sitting which had to be 75 hours minimum. And I didn't take any bathroom breaks because I respect the TV watching game. Shipped my pants at least 7 times. So I'm issuing an open challenge to Dan, Spencer and Chris: If you were men you'd go head to head with me in a TV watching competition and put all those prizes you won on the line. Except for the Netflix subscription because I already have one and I think it's like $19 a year. I know homeless people that have Netflix subscriptions. But I want the money, the TV, the iPad, all of it sitting in a room next to us. We keep watching TV until one of us drops out/dies. Winner take all. I've never been more confident of anything in my life. I'm the Richard Sherman of TV watching. Y'all are just a bunch of mediocre viewers at best.

*Learned a valuable lesson in 2007. Just got my first full time job and wanted to reward myself with one of these brand new 'HDTV's.' So I go to Best Buy, open a line of credit and purchase a 42 inch Sony Aquos 1080P for the low, low price of $3,200. Then in the span of about 6 months that same TV was going for about $1,500, and now you can find them at a Salvation Army for $14. Now was I one of the first people in my group of friends watching sports in crystal clear HD? Absolutely. Am I also still paying it off $37 at a time? Absolutely. 

PS: Binge watching has completely changed TV hasn't it? Like with Breaking Bad, I watched every season up until the last one. Then when the final season started in August I was actually in a bad mood because I had to wait every 6 days to see a new episode (problems, first world). So now when I see a new show starting I think 'meh, I'll wait until the entire series is done and watch it all in one sitting.'