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Tim McGraw gets in a scuffle at a live show after he gets hit in his ahhhh...man region.

by Jon Henseler

First of all I have no idea why my text is all smushed together. I think it must have something to do with TMZ's videos but at the end of the day it sort of 'is what it is' because A) It's Friday and B) My IT department is my buddy who works (part time) at a Circuit City (as a custodian) and he's not answering his phone. Anyhow T-Mac is catching a lot of internet flack for potentially getting physical with a female fan but from what I can tell and what I've read she tried to grab at, or hit him in, his no no swimsuit parts. And as a dude I'm telling you right now that if you get hit in that area, all bets are off. I know it's probably not a great excuse to hit someone but the fact of the matter is that once you take a shot in that region you basically black out in a rage. It's like that scene in Old School where Frank the Tank wins his debate and says 'what happened I blacked out.' Bingo. If you get hit in the love spuds you just start swinging at anything that moves. Man, woman, she-he, zombie whatever. Then you puke and you're fine all in the span of 30 seconds. Actually now that I've typed it out the reaction to getting hit in the junk sounds a lot like the stories I've read lately of people who use bath salts recreationally. Either way, as a guy, I find it hard to fault his reaction and I honestly don't think he slapped anyone I think he just grabbed her to point her out to security. In any case if you want to read more about it you can check TMZ's comment section where a very respectful, level headed conversation is taking place.

PS: If he did slap her I hope he at least said this prior to connecting: