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TMZ posts pic of Luke Bryan driving his truck with a road soda.

by Jon Henseler

Alright so this story broke the country internet this morning and since TMZ is militant about their photos and Strange Brew isn't what you would call 'financially solvent' you can check out the full story with photo here. Bottom line is this is much ado about nothing. He was apparently just driving on his property with a Busch* which is totally legal Tennessee. I feel like Allen Iverson and his 'practice' rant. We're talking about road sodas? Road sodas? Not a cocktail. Not straight whiskey. But road sodas?! 

Now the real crappy thing for Luke is that you would assume this is a friend or something in his backseat and they clearly sold him out Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase style which sucks. Unless this is like Aldean in the backseat pulling a prank on him or something. Then it's awesome.

*I'm a fan of Luke Bryan but the fact that he's rocking Busch heavies makes him way cooler in my mind. I have a lot of great memories (vague recollections) with that beer from my college days. That's the beer we bought if we were feeling sophisticated that night. And in college 'sophistication' means 'a 30 pack that cost more than $13.'

PS: Not a great month for Luke and his truck.