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Top gift to get Mom on Mother's day!

by Jon Henseler

AP: Just in time for the big day, Ebates.com has conducted a survey to find out what moms really want for Mother’s Day. Half of the men surveyed said  they assumed moms want jewelry or roses, but the number-one item moms are hoping for is a gift card to their favorite store. In fact, only one in five moms surveyed said they wanted roses for Mother’s Day according to Business News Daily. Following gift cards on the list are homemade gifts, a spa day and jewelry. Last year, the same survey had moms requesting a spa day as their top choice. 

Just a quick Strange Brew shout out to the mom's out there as we hit Mother's Day weekend. And for those kids out there wondering what to get Mom on Mother's Day it looks like gift card/spa day is the way to go! Love how 'homemade gifts' are the #2 move. Nice try Ebates.com but you're going to have to try a little harder to put one past ol' Jon on that one. Now don't get me wrong, homemade presents have their time and place. But as a public service announcement for our young readers out there: Macaroni art cards on construction paper when you're 7=home run. Macaroni cards on construction paper when you're 29=Mom hitting the Franzia at 9am while muttering 'you stole my youth' under her breath.

Also you know what's not on that list? Tickets to WWF wrestling. I remember when I was 4 or 5 at the old Sheboygan Armory there was a WWF event on Mother's Day night. Andre the Giant, Big Jon Studd, the Red Rooster, all the late 80's greats. And at this point in my life I was flat out obsessed with wrestling. And the Packers. And the Brewers. Come to think of it you put a beard on 5 year old Jon and we're pretty much the same person. Anyhow, bless Mom's heart she went with the whole family to watch 3 hours of 300 pound guys in speedos wrestling with each other at an ancient venue that was about 80 degrees while the first air conditioning system invented desperately tried to pump cool air and likely asbestos into the masses. Top 5 day in my life. Total nightmare for Mom. But that's a testament to mom's overall. Always thinking about their kids and family before themselves. Sometimes that means cleaning and cooking 7 nights a week, sometimes it means working two jobs to make sure everyone has what they need, and sometimes that means watching wrestling for 3 hours on the only day of the year dedicated to you. So to the best mom and blog secretary out there, Happy Mother's Day! I got you this homemade blog.