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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Facebook Lookback Movie is the only one that matters.

by Jon Henseler

Look I know everyone is going bananas for these Facebook Lookback videos that were released to celebrate Facebook's 10th anniversary so I thought I'd post the only one that matters and of course it belongs to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Absolutely hilarious video from the first picture on. Honestly this guy might be my favorite story in the last 5 years. And as a guy who is paid (an allowance) to surf the internet all day in search of wild videos and social media trends, admittedly not a lot throws me anymore. I've become desensitized to the whole scene. Like how I'm sure a baseball beat writer starts out loving the game, the trips to spring training, etc., but eventually it gets old and you lose your passion for it. But every once in a while a character or player comes along that reminds you of why you love the game. Why you get up in the morning. A Michael Jordan type entity that no matter how many times you see him, no matter how many articles you write about him, no matter how many highlights you watch of him, you still can't wait to wake up the next morning and see what he's going to do next. Well that my friends for the degenerate internet bloggers of the world is Rob Ford. He is our Jordan. Seemingly every day he does something that makes me laugh. Whether it's addressing rumors about his extra marital affairs* or speaking in a fake Jamaican accent , he brings it every day. Mr. Internet 24/7. 

*Love the dude at the end of that video. 'I love that guy!' I don't think I've heard more genuine words spoken in my life.

PS: I can't find the words to properly accentuate how depressing my Facebook Lookback video was. Like I'm almost 30 years old. 30! My movie starts with my throwing up a shocker in a profile pic from college. Then it proceeds to show pictures of George Costanza, the cartoon character Doug, me playing beer pong, me drinking at Country USA, and then 3 of my most 'liked' status of which two are about the Packers and one is about acquiring mutant powers. You know what 90% of my friends had? A few college pics, then graduating, getting a job, getting married, having kids etc. Like if my mom ever finds out how to watch my Lookback movie she is going to be in tears. May as well be titled 'Why My Parents Don't Have Grandkids.'

Double PS: It is borderline absurd that Rob Ford is actually the Mayor of a major metropolitan city. You almost feel like Toronto is trolling the world.

Triple PS: The fact that Chris Farley isn't alive to portray Rob Ford on SNL sketches is major league depressing. Unless Rob Ford is Chris Farley? Einhorn is Finkle?