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Travis Snider on rematch with Milwaukee starting tonight. This series should be interesting.

by Jon Henseler

So tonight is the first meeting between the Brewers and Pirates since the Pier 6 Brawl in Pittsburgh on Easter Sunday. Should be interesting to say the least. Now the main question I have is how many bean balls do we see in the 3 game set. I was initially going to set the line at 7 but knowing how baseball works in general and also understanding that it's not 1985 my guess is that it will be less than that and might even be zero. If we're talking about a different time period in the game with a couple of 'old school' managers and umps I would expect more fireworks but in 2014 if Marco Estrada comes out and beans the first Pirate he faces he'll get kicked out and quite frankly our bullpen can't cover 9 innings. Plus baseball has a long and storied history of similar situations resulting in nothing. Every time we see a situation where two teams play for the 'first time since a brawl' everyone gets all hot and bothered but ultimately it's all just a big tease . Like Tinder.

Now the only element I can see that would change tonight's dynamic is the above picture. Normally baseball fights land about as many punches as a Rocky movie but on April 20th Martin Maldonado went ' Pow right in the kissa ' all over Travis Snider's* gob. So maybe because of that there will be more bad blood but who knows. Snider did say yesterday that 'whatever happens in MIlwaukee, we'll deal with it when we get there.' Martin Maldonado:

*If you would have told me three months ago that I'd have two blogs dedicated to a Pirates utility outfielder with a career batting average of .240 I would have said you're crazy but here we are. Honestly a second Travis Snider blog is one of those 'I need to do something with my life moments.' Maybe time to re-examine some of that X-Files fan fiction I wrote in 2009.......

PS: Say what you will about the Pirates but their new ESPN TV ad is A++.