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Two 100 year old ladies explaining today's lingo is comedy gold.

by Jon Henseler

(hiring mummies to work customer service is such a classic Apple move)

I'll tell you what I could listen to these two broads breakdown pop culture in 2014 for DAYS. Just hilarious from top to bottom. And the truly sad thing is that you could probably sit my 29 year old ass down on the davenport and my answers would probably be about the same. Twerking?! Is that like the Macarena? A baby? Named North?! Spell it! Honestly Alice and Irene need an internet show where all they do is talk about trending topics in 2014. They're like a more congenial Statler and Waldorf. And you better believe I want to hear Irene spill the beans on Alice's life back in the day too. She strikes me as someone who has lived quite a life. Just 1,2, 3 shuffling in some bloomers with a bunch of dudes taking pictures of her. Selfie?! I don't need to take selfie's I had enough pictures taken of me!

PS: I know at some point I'll regret wasting my youth but I'll tell you this, I can't wait to be an old man. I'm not sure at what age you officially become 'old' but I feel like you get some sort of package in the mail that welcomes you to the club and gives you a list of things you can know get away with. Velcro shoes, jogging pants as formal wear, people tolerate your racism, stealing batteries, the whole thing sounds like a ball.

Double PS: I had no idea Steve Harvey had become the male Oprah but what he said at the beginning is absolutely true about the things these two women have seen. Everyday as apart of the show prep I have emailed to me there is a 'day in history' section and it is mind boggling how far we've come in 100 years. Like yesterday there was a date in the early 1900's where the first wireless message was successfully sent from a moving train. People were AMAZED by that. What is this witchcraft! And now a little over one hundred years later if it takes my phone more than .26 seconds to send a text I want to bash it against a wall. Progress?