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UConn RA asks his dorm to keep things quiet if the Huskies win the National Title.

by Jon Henseler

Get a load of Dean Wormer here putting his fun police riot gear on before the game last night. I'm sure he got a restful night's sleep after the Husky win last night. Probably looked like a Unisom commercial Nobody kids between the ages of 18-21 have more respect for than their RA's. Guy was undoubtedly in stage 8 REM cycle by 11pm.

Yup. Message received.

PS: I think this is the one thing I missed about not going to a major university. Like UWSP was great and I wouldn't trade the four years of my parent's tuition money I wasted there for anything, but you do miss these kinds of moments when your school is a major D1 program. And Point actually won a few D3 national basketball titles while I was there but it isn't even close to the same. Hell I didn't even know one of them happened until a buddy of mine who went to Wisco texted me about it. 'You guys must me going crazy there!' 'Yup! Just polished off some Easy Mac and am bearing down to play a little Half Life before Real World is on. Nuts!'

Double PS: Nailed it Jon. Nailed it .