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Uecker to get second statue at Miller Park!

by Jon Henseler

Big news yesterday from the Brew Crew as they announced that Uecker is about to get a second statue at Miller Park! This one is actually going to be inside the park and in the last row to commemorate his 'I must be in the front row' Miller Lite ads that aired in the 80's.Which, as a sidenote, I couldn't find ANYWHERE on the internet. Which is why I included a different ad that has absolutely nothing to do with the statue (+1 for blogging synergy). I know it doesn't bode well for my blogging internet integrity that I couldn't track it down but I spend literally 10's of seconds searching for it on youtube with no results. And 10's of seconds of work on the internet translates to roughly a 13 hour day in the real world. I even clicked on the second 'o' in the google search. Nothing.

Anyway I'm not sure that it bodes well for the Crew that this and the Lyle Overbay story are probably 1A and 1B in terms of significant offseason stories, but it is what it is. And it's a reminder that no matter how bad the Brewers might be this year, you can always flip on the radio and be entertained by Ueck's stories. Which is precisely why people love this guy so much. Actually you sort of look forward to the teams being bad because that means more meaningless radio air that needs to be filled by hilarious stories. If the team is good he actually has to (sort of) focus on the game situation and the score*.

*Again, sort of. If I had an internet dollar for every time I've yelled 'SAY THE SCORE!!!' at Ueck while tuning in for a Brewer game I'd be an internet Warren Buffet.

PS: Love that Miller Lite dusted off the old school can for a month. Got me hook, line and sinker. Like I don't not like Miller LIte, but unless I'm tailgating I don't go out of my way to but a case. But with the new can? Can't get it enough. It's like when Coors Light came out with the cans that turned blue when they got cold. My buddies and I couldn't wait to get a case of Rocky Tops in school when those hit. Kept running back and forth to the fridge to see if they turned yet. Simple pleasures for simple minds I guess.

Double PS: I have no idea why my PS fonts ended up looking weird. I pressed a button and it happened.