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Ultimate Warrior passes away two days after his HOF induction.

by Jon Henseler

Kind of wild that the news of Warrior's passing came down less than 48 hours after this appearance on Raw and his HOF induction this past weekend. And now that that news has come to pass, watching this takes on a whole new meaning. Like when I watched this on Monday it was obviously cool and a nice spot but I didn't think much of it at the time. I just knew I had to tune in because anyone that knows anything about the Ultimate Warrior knows that him+live mic+live TV is the ultimate wildcard situation. But now it almost seems like he's giving his own eulogy doesn't it? Just crazy, crazy stuff.

Anyhow this is a sad day if you grew up watching the WW F (deal with it panda bears) in the 80's and 90's. Warrior was probably one step below Hogan in the coaches poll of 'most entertaining and beloved' from that time period. His promos are still legendary. He's one of those guys that was so ramped up you had to wonder if he actually knew it was all staged. Like I don't know for sure but am 100% positive that on more than one occasion a wrestler he had to face on a given night probably asked a writer 'he knows this is fake right?' But that's the thing with Warrior, he WAS the Ulimate Warrior. I think we can all accept that most 'characters' we see on wrestling are just that, characters. Presumably Ric Flair doesn't strut around his house on a Saturday morning in a sequined robe, doling out knife edge chops all while stylin' and profilin' all day. He wears normal clothes and plays Candy Crush while he's taking a dump just like everyone. But I don't believe that of Jim Hellwig/Ultimate Warrior. He went FULL Warrior. And that's why people loved him. Rest in peace my man. Parts Unknown lost a great one today.

PS: I think I've blogged about this before but for as much as I loved Warrior he ruined most of my 1990 when he pinned Hogan at Wrestlemania. I was stunned times infinity. My whole world was thrown into disarray. I started free basing Pixy Sticks and drinking Ecto Coolers 6 at a time. Dark times for a 6 year old. But he redeemed himself two years later when he came to the rescue of Hogan at Wrestlemania 8 as he was getting victimized by Sid Justice and Papa Shango (The Godfather).

Double PS: 3 minutes and 18 seconds of some of Warrior's A++ stuff. You never knew what was going to come out of his mouth and you couldn't wait for more is probably the best way to characterize him.